June 20, 2010

Action-packed week for Playskill!

It has been a busy week for Playskill:

We had the Playskill Whipsnade trip on Wednesday 9th June for which we are hugely grateful to the Clarendon Rotary Club. This provided a wonderful day out for the parents and children on the current Watford and Hemel groups.

On Friday 11th June, we had our 4th Hemel Pilot group, which was a really exciting morning with lots of progress happening with all sorts of skills like children sitting for the first time! A big thanks to the Dacorum Community Trust who has sent £400 to help with this amongst other local support.

On Saturday 13th June, we had a family focussed day. Cedric Levitt organised a Mum’s Lunch at Ruby’s Resturant. This was a huge success and all the Mums looked really lovely dressed up to go out for some great fun and lovely food. Thanks to Cedric! We then had our Siblings and Dad’s party which was a great success too with each sibling getting a present courtesy of the Fence Club!

On Monday 14th June, we had our 5th Playskill Watford group, which continues to be a hive of activity. We saw a child move from sitting to standing independently for the first time and heard another child speak out in the group spontaneously. Thanks to the Team for all their support and commitment!

And to finish, some more lovely photos from Whipsnade: