December 20, 2017

AGM 2017 – Hemel AM morning group parents

From Louisa:

Playskill has been invaluable for Neville’s physical and emotional development.
When he started his first term, he was a very anxious and frightened little boy, with no strength in his core, back or neck.

Since joining Playskill, we have seen him blossom into a happy and sociable little tart who flirts with everyone! (Sorry, Heidi! I don’t think you’re his “one and only” any more!).

He has shown amazing improvement in his coordination, can now hold his head up for at least 10 minutes, and has even begun to use his hands to indicate clear choices in decision making. He has achieved so much more than we ever thought he could, and I have no doubt that Playskill played a huge part in that.

Not only has it benefited Neville, it has also given me confidence interacting with him and understanding the extent of his capabilities.
Neville is coming to the end of his last term at Playskill now and we are very sad to be leaving, but I know that many other families will benefit from this amazing group.
I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.
Thank you, Playskill. x".

From Lisa:

My child has been going to Playskill for over a year. He has thrived within the group. He has learnt how to communicate through makaton. He has also benefitted from having the opportunity to take turns, explore messy play, join in group singing and have sensory and soft play. He is now taking his first steps thanks to the perseverance of the physios! Playskill continues to help my son to reach his full potential – I am so grateful and want to thank the amazing, dedicated Playskill team.

From Alexis:

I have 2 year old boy who has two rare chromosome disorders – Phelan Mcdermid syndrome and duplication of 7q. They effect both his mental and physical development. He has very low muscle tone and cannot sit, stand or talk. Doctors are unsure of how he will develop. 

We have been at Playskill for two terms now and it has been fantastic. It has given me confidence that I am able to help my son and has given me so many ideas for play and learning activities. I have been able to meet other people in similar situations and made me realise that I am not alone.

Our son has come along leaps and bounds within such a short period and it gives us something to look forward to each week. We previously struggled to find any groups to fit in but here we feel welcomed and made to feel that we matter. 

I find it sad that groups like Playskill are not more widely available to families and I would advise parents who are thinking of joining to do so. It can be scary joining a new group but you would wonder why you didn’t join sooner. It will open your eyes to your child’s progression and give you hope, which we all need.