November 25, 2019

AGM 2019 – Emma is mum to Jackson who attends our Hemel am session. 

“Hayley and I met back in 2017 when we were both having our Playskill introductions, and we instantly connected. Back then our boys, Jackson and Leo were unable to even sit up independently, but their progress together has been incredible. Watching them at Playskill now as they interact and Leo crawls around to get to the hello button with Jackson laughing at him is amazing. They are truly friends, and now recognise each other. Jackson signs Leo when he seems him and they get so excited. They are a cheeky little pair! They even completed the sponsored obstacle course together in the summer.

Jackson is not a fan of physio but being able to practice his moves next to his friend is a huge distraction and they clap each other when they’ve done a good job!

For us as parents, having each other to share the experiences and seek advice is invaluable. Together we can get through anything and continue the fight for our boys which they more than deserve. With the guidance, support and training provided by Playskill we are adequately equipped and feel more able to fight. Being a parent to a child with SEN is not a journey we thought we would be on, but it’s opened up at door to an amazing support group and friends I know we will have forever. Playskill parents do not judge each other, do not compare, and do not comment on what your child can’t yet do. They truly understand what we are going through and the different hurdles we have to overcome. Everyone is treated equally, concerns are listened to and not dismissed, and every child’s milestones are celebrated, no matter how small. Thank you Playskill for introducing us.”