Parent’s Speeches

Playskill’s 2021 AGM

Jill Ben and Maeve

Playskill’s 2021 AGM embraced the digital revolution again, holding the meeting via Zoom for the second year.  More than 75 screens and 100 people attended including local MP Dean Russell and Watford’s Mayor, Peter Taylor, alongside business and individual supporters; parents – past and present; volunteers and staff. Hosted by the […]

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Playskill AGM 2020

Image of a slide from the agm

The Playskill AGM took place on Wednesday 11 November on a dark and windy night. Luckily this was our first ever virtual AGM so we were all warm and ready at our computer screens crossing our fingers that the windy weather didn’t knock out the internet. We were delighted to […]

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AGM 2018 – June’s Speech

I’m June. Mum of Louis. Who has been going to Hemel PM group for 1.5 years. Prior to that he went to Watford. I’m going to tell you a bit about Louis and the enormous benefits Playskill has given him. Louis is 5 years old. He lives at home with […]

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AGM 2017 – Hermione’s Mum

My apologies for starting this presentation with a PowerPoint but that part of Hermione’s story is sometimes too difficult to share. Hermione was in hospital for a mere 4 weeks and we were sent home with the following advice… to establish feeding and watch for further seizures and then to […]

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