February 24, 2011

February 2011: Updates from the groups

Thanks to Reaching Communities, our wonderful new group on Wednesday afternoons in Watford has started. We are having such fun – it has been challenging to come up with new older type table top activities as well as a blend of some of the Playskill classics – soft-play and messy play! Here are some pictures of us in action……

We have also been having a lot of fun at the Hemel group – there are some pictures here of our group in December and at our posh Christmas party plus new ones of jelly play in February. We love all the progress we are seeing in this group – it is so exciting to work there.

The Watford Monday morning group has had a busy few weeks settling in with new children and old familiar faces who are leading the group for the younger children. We have had lots of fun with Debbie leading the group for the first time!


And last but not least, our recent parents breakfast with the Money advice unit was a really useful morning with lots of helpful tips and advice, and a good chance for parents to chat and relax whilst staff played with the children who came…