January 7, 2021

New Year’s Letter from the Chairman, 2021

Happy new year


FROM: Stuart Soloway – Chair of Trustees 

We move into the New Year with confidence.

2020 was a challenging year for us all but we ended in better shape than we expected when the pandemic started .

Financially we ended stronger than we forecast.

New treatment techniques were developed which achieved results previously thought impossible.

Our Treatment team together with our parents and their children embraced new technology and change.

We maintained our Treatment and Parent support programmes.

Our Funders supported us beyond our expectation

We developed new Management methods which worked.

Our team worked hard to find the best method for each of our Children to achieve their smart targets in this new environment, and you have told us it has worked.

We held our first, and we hope last, zoom A G M and as a result of careful planning it WORKED, indeed many of you said that there were some real advantages.

There were difficult days for all of us but we supported each other and got through

This is why we enter 2021 with confidence. Yes there are many unknowns but we know that even when using our most pessimistic financial assumptions we will be able to deliver our full range of services throughout the year.

Andrea and her team are committed to providing our full range of treatment and parent support in our Six Groups throughout 2021

Just as soon as Government regulations relax and we feel that it will be safe for our Children, Parents, and Team we will progressively  re-introduce physical treatment.

We have clear plans for 2021. The Trustee’s are working closely and effectively with the Management Team. The Management team are continually thinking of new ways to maintain the best possible service as we move forward through a continually changing world.

We appreciate the support all of you have given to PLAYSKILL We will need even more during 2021, your ideas, your enthusiasm , your volunteering, spreading the word of what PLAYSKILL achieves, and Yes your efforts in all of our Fund Raising activities.

Our top priorities remain the Health of everybody and the development of our children

Be assured that PLAYSKILL will be here and doing our best during 2021

We wish you all a Happy,  Safe, and Healthy New Year

Stuart J. Soloway

Chair of Trustees