February 24, 2014

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

A bit like early spring Playskill has been quiet on the outside with lots of essential preparation going on for the time ahead. In the groups we have assessed 30 children and jointly set targets with the parents to help set our sights together on making a big difference for the children this term.  Here are some pictures of our lovely children in the groups etc.Huge thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have helped make this possible. Meanwhile parents have been able to access some excellent training on topics such as Early support, sensory disorders, and developing early reading and handwriting skills led expertly by Linda and Gill on the training team.

Meanwhile we have been hugely grateful for the support of others to help us along our way.  Big thanks to the Hilton for their money presented to help us with our specialist seating.We have received a cheque from the Hertfordshire community foundation for £3887 towards the costs of the Hemel Hempstead PM group plus a cheque was presented by Nicole our volunteer at Hemel Hempstead for an amazing £2000 raised by Charlie’s Gift all in memory of her son – see picture below. This money has all really made a difference to our Hemel Hempstead PM shortfall, and Charlie’s money will also go towards the cost of the Playskill van which Cedric Levitt has kindly found to help with the issue of shipping our kit from Watford and Hemel Hempstead and to our other events.

Here are Cedric Levitt and Martin Gentlemen getting the van up and running ready for Playskill – huge thank you from us all!!