June 19, 2014

Summer term Fun for ALL

Summer term Fun

We have had wonderful times in the groups seeing the children making great progress – including saying 2 words together for the first time, learning to use scissors, making independent steps and learning to walk! Meanwhile we have had lots of fun with our trip to Whipsnade thanks to Cedric Levitt and Peter Cordory 10 families were able to go for a wonderful day to the zoo. We also had our siblings party in Chipperfield which included a BBQ and cake for all, a lovely craft making session led by Gillian O.T., a treasure hunt in the woods and presents for all the children thanks to the Fence club. We have also managed to deliver a physiotherapist led training night for parents which had lots of positive feedback too one parents quote said “brilliant training session”. Here are some pictures of some of the activities for you to see.