December 20, 2016

Four Parents Comments from the Hemel AM Group

From Laura: “Playskill has had a huge impact on my Son and me and I don’t know what we’d do without them.

My Son had no trust for anyone and hated being in group situations, but since starting Playskill his social skills have improved tremendously while making huge progress with his physical and mental development.

You meet and befriend other parents in similar situations and almost become a family, and it is incredibly heart-warming to see all of the children make both small and great leaps under the care of Andrea and the team.

Not only do they do invaluable work for our children and offer great information and training opportunities, it also gave me a place where I felt accepted and completely eradicated my feelings of isolation and emotional distress.

I gained confidence in interacting with my Son and knowing how I could assist him effectively.

Andrea and the team are second-to-none. They are always on the ball and are quickly in tune with every child’s additional needs. They create quick and strong bonds with the children and you see that in the little’un’s faces when they light up in the mornings – Or in Vinnie’s case, laughing when his Nanny says Heidi is his Girlfriend!

I can’t thank Playskill enough for what they have done.

Every parent and child with additional needs should have the opportunity to experience a group like this.

The key skills we have learned are priceless.

Thank you!”

From Julia: We cannot thank you enough for what Playskill has given us. It is not only the experience, skill and knowledge of the staff but the support and passion that you have all shown us. We feel very comforted and supported and for that we thank you.

From Carrie: Before coming to Playskill I felt very isolated. Having a child with special needs the typical baby groups felt too over whelming. Since coming to the group Daisy had really come out of her shell and continues to on each visit. We both look forward to group each week

From Dina & David: Playskill has had a great positive impact on my son Liam and all our family.  We recognized some delays in his reaching developmental milestones.  Most other professionals and organisations felt he was too young for intervention or that he would ‘catch up’ eventually.  Playskill however has welcomed him, and us, with open arms and he has really benefitted from the sessions.  We love coming and everyone is so accepting and welcoming.  We have greatly benefitted from the sibling activities at weekends and training sessions with Andrea and the team.  We are also very happy that Playskill have been successful in securing he grant for the new Garston Group. Hope the charity goes from strength to strength and can help many more families. Thank you Playskill!