April 22, 2011

Playskill’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebrations begin!

5 Year Anniversary Celebrations have begun for Playskill with a huge re-union party for over 140 including families from the first ever Playskill pilot group in April 2006, plus much loved friends of the group including Cedric Levitt and Councillor Alan Burlenshaw representing Watford Council. The decorations as ever were fun due to Debbie Kitt’s wonderful party skills, and she manned a fabulous grotto of cuddly toys for the children to take home from the Fence Club. It was a huge delight to see families hugging each other as they met up, to watch children with and without special needs all doing Easter egg nest making, Easter cards and messy play and of course Playskill singing and parachute games!! We all enjoyed a spectacular tea made by a wonderful group of volunteers and enjoyed vast amounts of cake made by the wonderful Sissel Parish! Teddy the dog popped in at the end for Pat the Dog and we sung goodbye for a long time to say goodbye to all our children.